Important Notes

To all students admitted in the 2010-11 academic year under the 3-year curriculum

  1. Undergraduate curricula are reviewed and updated from time to time to benefit from the latest developments in the relevant program disciplines or areas of study. This Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook is published to inform you about the most up-to-date curricula.

    The course and credit requirements shown in this Handbook shall replace those curriculum requirements published in the previous academic year.

  2. You should consult this Handbook to:
    • get information about the latest course and credit requirements for your program of study; and
    • ensure that you will complete all course and credit requirements for your program of study listed in this Handbook for graduation and for award of the degree

    To enable you to graduate from the program within the normal study duration, you should follow the recommended pattern of study for your program, information of which is available at the ARRO website.

  3. Meeting the general education requirements: You are required to select Common Core/general education courses from a designated list of courses, and take them in the year in which they are designated as Common core/general education courses. Click here to get details about the general education requirements and the list of designated general education/Common Core courses.

  4. With effect from Fall 2011-12, all 3-digit codes of existing active courses were converted into 4-digit ones. Click the conversion table to search the corresponding 4-digit new codes of the existing courses previously coded in 3-digit. New courses that are introduced in Fall 2011-12 or after are not included in the list.

  5. With the launch of the new Student Information System (SIS) in May 2011, the course grading system is switched from 12-point to 4-point. All grade points as mentioned in the program specific requirements refer to the points under the 4-point system.

  6. If you have any exceptional circumstances that necessitate a deviation from the curriculum, you must apply to and obtain formal approval from your major department and School in advance. A relevant form can be obtained from the Academic Records and Registration Office.