For students admitted in 2015-16

School of Engineering (SENG)

Program Dept / Office   Program
Chemical and Biological Engineering CENG BEng in Chemical Engineering
CBME BEng in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
CEEV BEng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering CIVL BEng in Civil Engineering
CIEV BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Engineering Program Office CPEG BEng in Computer Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering COMP BEng in Computer Science
Electronic and Computer Engineering ELEC BEng in Electronic Engineering
Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics IEEM BEng in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
IELM BEng in Logistics Management and Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering AE BEng in Aerospace Engineering
MECH BEng in Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering COSC BSc in Computer Science