Final Examinations

Examinations are the responsibility of the department that offers a course. ARR, Academic Registry produces the examination timetables and provides details of procedures and regulations on its Final Examination & Grades website.

After the examination period, course grades are posted on the web-based SIS as soon as they become available. You should check your grades on the web and report any problems to ARR, Academic Registry immediately. You will not be sent a printed grade report.

Bad Weather

If an examination is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, arrangements will be made for it be held as soon as practicable. You will be notified by email or a public announcement.

Make-up Examinations

If you are too ill to attend an examination, or if you are unable to attend because of other circumstances beyond your control, you may apply to ARR, Academic Registry within one week from the missed examination for a make-up examination. You are required to provide appropriate supporting document in your application.

The related application form can be downloaded here and further details are available on ARR’s Exam Regulations website.


If you are found to be cheating in an examination, your conduct will be dealt with under the Regulations for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. The procedures for dealing with cheating on examinations are explained on here.