Grades & Grade Points

Letter grades range from A+ to F. Numerical grade points are assigned to each letter grade for the purpose of calculating grade averages.

Definition Letter Grade Grade Points
Excellent Performance A+ 4.3
  A 4.0
  A- 3.7
Good Performance B+ 3.3
  B 3.0
  B- 2.7
Satisfactory Performance C+ 2.3
  C 2.0
  C- 1.7
Marginal Pass D 1.0
Fail F 0


Other grades are not included in the calculation of grade averages. They are:

AU, for Audited, used when a student satisfactorily completes the requirements set by an instructor for auditing a course.

DI and PA, under the Distinction/Pass/Fail grading system.

I, for Incomplete, used when completion of a student’s work is necessarily delayed. This grade must be converted to a regular grade at least one working day before the start of the following regular term; otherwise the I grade is converted to F.

P, under the Pass/Fail grading system.

PP, for Permitted to Proceed, used at the end of the first term of a two-term course, and for project courses when work is satisfactory but not scheduled to be completed at the end of a term.

T, for Transferred

W, for Withdrawal without Penalty, used when a student obtains approval to withdraw from a course after the add/drop period.