Academic Probation & Dismissal

Decision on your academic standing and progress are made only at the end of regular terms; the fall term and the spring term.

Academic Warning

If your term grade average (TGA) or cumulative grade average (CGA) is less than 1.7 at the end of any regular term, you will be placed on academic warning and required to seek academic advice.

Academic Probation

If your CGA falls below 1.5 at the end of any fall or spring term, excluding your first regular term at the University, you will be put on academic probation.

You will need to obtain approval to enroll in courses, and may be required to reduce your study load.

You will remain on academic probation until your CGA rises to 1.5 or above.

Academic Dismissal

If you have been on academic probation at the end of three consecutive regular terms, or you fail for a second time a course that is a requirement for graduation, you will be reported to your dean or the director of IPO.

The dean or director will consider all relevant factors, including:

  • Whether there is credible evidence of extenuating circumstances
  • Whether you have a reasonable chance of successfully completing the requirements for your degree
  • Whether maintaining your registration is consistent with the University’s responsibility for making the best use of its resources

After considering these factors, the dean or director may recommend to the Provost that you be dismissed from the University. The Provost’s decision is final.