Reviews & Record Amendment

You should inform ARR, Academic Registry immediately if you notice any errors in your academic records. Your records will be closed when your graduation is approved by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies and no further amendment can be made.

Grade Review

If you think a mistake has been made in calculating or determining a course grade, you should tell the course instructor as soon as the grades are released. Where a clerical or administrative error has been made, the department or unit responsible for the course will report the revised grade to ARR, Academic Registry.

If your concern remains unresolved after you talk to the instructor, you may submit a request for a grade review to the head of the department or unit responsible for the course.

A request for review must be submitted in writing within two weeks from the day on which grades are released. The request must:

  • State the grounds for the request
  • Describe the relevant facts
  • Provide supporting evidence

If the head decides that a review is needed, it will be held within three weeks after the release of the grade.

If the head decides not to hold a review, or if you disagree with the outcome of a review, you may appeal to your dean or director within two weeks of receiving the decision. The appeal must be in writing, stating the grounds for the appeal.

The dean or director will decide whether to hold a further review and how the review should be conducted. Their decision is final.

Grade review deadlines can be found on Grade Review website.