Study Load & Student Employment

You normally have to register for courses totaling at least 12 credits and not more than 18 credits in each regular term.

An exemption from this requirement must be approved by your dean, director or their designate.

If you do not register for courses that give you an appropriate study load, you may be required to withdraw from the University.

Student Employment

A department may employ you to assist in research or other work that relates to your field of study. Other kinds of work (either at or outside the University) may impede your academic performance.

You are expected to study full-time. You may not engage in paid work for more 10 hours a week on average during a regular academic term.

Your dean, director or their designate may make an exception for an internship or employment related to your academic program.

This rule does not apply to employment during the winter and summer terms.

Non-local Students

If you are in Hong Kong on a student visa or an entry permit, you need permission from the Hong Kong Immigration Department to take employment, whether paid or unpaid. Under certain conditions, you may be allowed to take up internships, part-time work on campus and summer employment.

If you are permitted to do such work, you will receive a “no-objection letter” from the Immigration Department upon approval of your entry and extension-of-stay applications. The letter will say what types and conditions of employment you can accept.

For further details, visit the website of the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government.