Auditing a Course

With the permission of the course instructor, you may be allowed to audit a course. This means you can attend lectures and participate in activities, including writing the final examination, but you will neither receive a grade nor earn credits for the course.

The desired activities and participation must be mutually agreed by you and the instructor at class enrollment time. Schools and departments may decide to exclude auditors from all or some of their courses, or impose additional restrictions.

If you satisfactorily complete the requirements set by the instructor, the course will be designated AU on your transcript. Otherwise, the course will be removed from your enrollment record.

You need to complete class enrollment procedures to enroll as a course auditor. If you wish to change to regular class enrollment status you must do so no later than the end of the add/drop period.

You are allowed to re-take an audited course to earn credits subject to the requirement that you must properly enroll in the course.