Class Enrollment Process

Class enrollment process for undergraduate students involves selecting courses and enrolling in classes for a specific term. You should pay attention to the enrollment schedule for each term set out by ARR, Academic Registry. The add/drop period at the start of the term gives you a chance to modify your selections.

Before selecting a course, you should read the relevant curriculum and course requirements carefully to ensure that you meet any enrollment conditions. You should also maintain a manageable study load in every term.

Enrollment Process

Class enrollment involves three stages: pre-enrollment, validation and class enrollment, and add/drop. All three stages are processed through the web-based Class Enrollment System of the SIS.

Before class enrollment starts, you will find all the information you need on the Course Registration website.

You should also check with the class schedule information carefully.

You may make changes to your class enrollment during the add/drop period. Changes made in this period will not appear on your transcript.

Before the end of the add/drop period, carefully check your class enrollment record to ensure that any errors are corrected in time.

Requests to add a course or to withdraw from a course after the add/drop period will not be accepted, except under extenuating circumstances, and require the approval of your dean, director or their designate. The related application form can be downloaded from here.

You must properly complete the class enrollment and add/drop procedures. Students who are not on the class roster for a course will not be awarded any grade for the course.