Course Evaluation

HKUST recognizes excellence in teaching as an important part of its mission. Student course evaluations are one means the University uses to assess teaching quality.

Since fall 2008, student feedback questionnaires (SFQs) have been adopted to collect your feedback on learning experience. You can find SFQ through Canvas, HKUST iLearn app ( iOS / Android ) and Mobile website of SFQ, The evaluation is conducted once a term for all courses, usually during the last two weeks of the term.

After you have completed an SFQ survey, your response will be processed by an online system called ASSET.

To maintain anonymity, ASSET removes your identity information before your responses are transmitted and stored in the ASSET database.

Paper questionnaires and answer sheets may be used for sections that are evaluated in the middle of a fall or spring term or during the summer or winter terms.

Administration & Publication

Student course evaluations are administered by the Office of Institutional Research. The schools are responsible for evaluating laboratory sessions and tutorials, mostly taught by teaching assistants and demonstrators.

Course Evaluation Results in summary format is available here.

A student penalized for cheating in a course may be excluded from participating in the course evaluation at the request of the department that offers the course.