Degree Classification & Approval

All undergraduate programs lead to bachelor’s honors degrees in Science (BSc), Engineering (BEng) or Business Administration (BBA). Dual degree programs lead to award of two degrees.

Your degree classification will be based on your graduation grade average (GGA), which is determined at the end of the term during which you complete your graduation requirements.

In calculating your GGA, courses taken in your first year of study are given a half-weight, unless you entered the University with credit transfer of 10 credits or more.

To improve your GGA, courses that are not required for the award of your degree may be excluded from the calculation, up to a total of 12 credits for a 4-year degree.

Approval Process

When the graduation list is confirmed and your GGA has been calculated, your dean will be informed and requested to recommend your graduation and the classifications of your award.

If you have completed studies under more than one school, the deans of the schools will confirm on the recommendation.

Awards are classified as follows:

  • First Class Honors
  • Second Class Honors, Division I
  • Second Class Honors, Division II
  • Third Class Honors
  • Pass

Benchmark GGA bands for awards and University policy for degree classification will be taken into account in classifying your awards.

Recommendations for graduation and classification of awards are made by the deans to the Committee on Undergraduate Studies, which is empowered to confirm students’ graduation and classification on behalf of the Senate.