Degree Certification

You will receive a degree diploma on completion of your program. If you complete a dual degree program you will receive two degree diplomas.

Your diploma will show the following in Chinese and English:

  • Your name, as shown on your Hong Kong Identity Card, with your surname capitalized and appearing first, followed by a comma and your given names
  • The title of your degree with major program, but without the option nor the title of your minor program, if any
  • The honors classification of your degree, if any
  • The date of the Congregation when your degree was conferred

Your diploma will bear an embossed red seal and the signatures of the University Chancellor and the President.

If you cannot collect your award diploma and transcript in person, alternative collection arrangement can be made via the related application.

Award Certification Letter

ARR, Academic Registry will send you an award certification letter after you have completed your program and have been approved for graduation by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies.

The letter will certify that you completed the degree requirements for your program by a specified date. The date is the last day of the term in which you completed your degree requirements.

The letter will show the title of the degree to be awarded, the class of honors, if any, your program option and the title of your minor program, if any. The letter will also show the date your graduation was approved and when the Congregation will be held.

To order additional copies of your award certification letter, complete and submit the related application form.