Application for Graduation

As a student studying under 4-year degree, if you wish to graduate in a specific term, you need to submit an application via the Student Center of SIS according to the schedule set by ARR, Academic Registry. Before submitting the application, you should check your completion of program requirement through the advisement report in SIS and discussion with your advisers/departments. More details are available at Application for Graduation website.

Graduation Check

After the close of the application period, ARR, Academic Registry conducts a two-stage graduation check for each potential graduate against the graduation requirements for their program. If a student has also enrolled in an additional major and/or a minor program, a further check is done against the major program’s requirements and/or minor program's requirements.

Applicants for graduation will be notified the results by email at the stage of preliminary check and final check. If you are found short of any graduation requirement, you will be denied from graduation automatically and you should approach your advisor or department immediately. You should submit a new application for graduation if you wish to graduate in the subsequent terms.

Preliminary Check

Any approved variations from the requirements are taken into consideration. The check is based on the assumption that potential graduates will pass all their courses in the term.

ARR, Academic Registry forwards the cases of any students who may not meet their program or minor program requirements to the departments concerned.

The schools/departments review each problem case and determine with ARR, Academic Registry whether the shortfall in the graduation requirements can be resolved.

Final Check

When the grades are reported for the last term of potential graduates, ARR, Academic Registry calculates the students' graduation grade average (GGA) and performs a final graduation check.