Graduation Requirements

Under the 4-year curriculum, to meet your graduation requirements and be awarded a degree, you must have:

  • Earned at least 120 credits through approved courses or credit transfer
  • Completed the requirements of the University Common Core Program
  • Completed the University English language requirement
  • Completed any requirements set by your school or IPO
  • Completed at least one major program requirements, or school requirements for a general degree under the school

You should check the graduation requirements for your program in the Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook. The Handbook is updated annually.

If you were granted transfer credits, you will need a minimum of two years’ full-time study and 60 credits at HKUST for a 4-year degree.

The minimum number of HKUST credits required for graduation from a major, minor or the University Common Core may also be specified.

You may use no more than 6 credits earned from courses offered in pure online delivery mode to satisfy your graduation requirements. This 6-credit limit does not apply to credits obtained through the credit transfer procedures of the University.

Additional Major Programs

To graduate with an additional major, students admitted in 2015-16 or after must take all the requirements specified for that major, within which you must complete at least 20 single-counted credits. These 20 credits cannot be used to fulfill any other requirements for graduation except for the 120-credit degree requirement.

Minor programs

To graduate with a minor, you must register in the minor program and complete the requirements of the minor program in addition to those of your degree program.