Investigation & Procedures

When a student is suspected of committing an act of academic misconduct, the case is firstly reported to the head of the academic department/division responsible for the course.

The head will review the case, and may impose appropriate disciplinary punishments including requiring the student to re-submit coursework, re-take examination and failing the course. Considering the seriousness and nature of each case, the department head may refer the case to the dean of the school or the director of IPO to look at the case. Additional sanctions including making a note on the student’s transcript may be imposed. The note may be removed on graduation provided that the student does not commit more than one offense.

If a student is confirmed to have committed a second act of academic misconduct, or a serious case, the dean or the director of IPO responsible for the student’s program will review the case and impose appropriate sanctions, or even refer the case to the Executive Vice-President & Provost and the Student Disciplinary Committee for further review. The Executive Vice-President & Provost and the committee may impose additional disciplinary punishments.