Registration in Programs

You must register in each regular term by paying your tuition and other required fees, and completing the registration process.

Failure to register or withdrawal from all your courses will result in automatic withdrawal from your program and the University unless you have prior approval from your dean, director or their designate to take leave from study.


Before the start of each regular term, ARR, Academic Registry will notify you how much tuition to pay and how to make payment. Be sure to complete these procedures before the deadline.

If you have any financial hardship, you may contact the Scholarship & Financial Aid Office of Student Affairs Office (SAO) to apply for a deferral of tuition payment.

On your first registration, you must also pay a deposit as caution money in case you fail to pay charges you incur during your time at the University. When you complete your program of study, the caution money will be transferred to settle your graduation fee.

Further details are available on ARR's Tuition & Fees website.

Minor Program

Each minor program has a minor-program coordinator. To enroll in a minor, you need the coordinator’s approval.

You may need to register in a minor program to take courses included in the program.

If you want a minor to be recorded on your transcript, you must register in the minor no later than the last day of the add/drop period in the first regular term of your final year of study. A declaration of undergraduate minor program can be downloaded here.

If you want to withdraw from a minor program, you must apply to the minor-program coordinator before the deadline specified for the program.

Additional Major

Each major program has a major-program coordinator. With the approval of the relevant coordinators (coordinators of both the first major and the additional major), you may complete the requirements for more than one major program.

If you wish to take the additional major which is offered by another school/IPO, you also need to seek approval from the dean / the directoIPOr of , or the designate.

If you want an additional major to be recorded on your transcript, you must normally register in the major no later than the last day of the add/drop period in the first regular term of your final year of study.

To graduate with an additional major, students admitted in 2015-16 or after must take all the requirements specified for that major, within which you must complete at least 20 single-counted credits. These 20 credits cannot be used to fulfill any other requirements for graduation except for the 120-credit degree requirement.

Double Registration

You are not permitted to register concurrently for another program at this University or at another post-secondary institution while you are a student at HKUST, unless you obtain prior permission from the University.

The related application form can be downloaded here.