Curriculum Requirements

To attain a 4-year bachelor’s degree, you must:

  • Earn at least 120 credits through approved courses or credit transfer
  • Complete the requirements of the University Common Core
  • Complete the University English language requirement
  • Complete School/IPO requirements set by your school or IPO
  • Complete your major program requirements

Any deviation from the minimum credit, English language or Common Core requirements must be approved by the Executive Vice-President & Provost or the Executive Vice-President & Provost’s designate. Any deviation from school or program requirements must be approved by your dean, director or their designate.

Under the 4-year curriculum, you must complete 36 credits of common core courses from the areas of Science and Technology; Social Analysis; Humanities; Quantitative Reasoning and Communication, etc.

The common core requirements for each program and a list of Common Core courses can be found on the website of the University Common Core Program.

Detailed Information

New students can find details of the academic requirements for your program in the Program Catalog.

Programs are frequently improved and updated, so requirements may change while you are still a student. Some changes will apply to you while others will only apply to students who enter the program after you.

To see if any change has been made that affects you, check the Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook. The handbook shows the course and credit requirements for students who were admitted in different years.

First, select the year you were admitted appropriately

Then, select your program

The curriculum you see will include any changes that affect you. If what you see in handbook differs from what you saw or were told in earlier years, you must follow what you see in the handbook.