Student Participation

You are encouraged to participate in the governance of the University through various means, from serving as a member of a University body to conveying suggestions to staff members formally or informally.

The Senate includes the President of the Students' Union and an undergraduate student who is elected by full-time undergraduates. Both representatives must be full-time students.

Student representatives also hold seats on some Senate committees and other committees that play decision-making or advisory roles in policy formulation and management matters, for example, the Undergraduate Hall Selection Committee.

Students' Union

The Students' Union is a legal body registered with the Hong Kong SAR Government and is independent from the University. As a full member of the Students' Union, you can run for office or apply to join a standing committee of the Students' Union Executive Committee or Council. For details, see the Students' Union Constitution.

The University Council recognizes the Students' Union as the umbrella group for all student societies. Every student organization is eligible to apply for affiliation to the Students' Union.

Student Societies

Students are free to form student societies and organize any activities they wish as long as the activities are not against the laws of Hong Kong or the rules and regulations of the University.

All student societies can apply for affiliation with the HKUST Students' Union. Student societies and clubs affiliated with the Students' Union offer a range of activities to meet the diverse interests of students in sports, community service, arts, culture and academic studies. You are welcome to contact any organization that you wish to join.

Student Life

To explore more information on different student activities, see Student Life on the website of the Students Affairs Office.