University Administration & Schools

HKUST is led by senior administrators who oversee the University’s well-being and long-term planning. Administrative offices are set up to support the operations of the University. More details can be found at Organization Chart.

HKUST has four schools:

The schools are each headed by a dean, who reports to the Executive Vice-President & Provost (EVPP). The dean may be assisted by associate deans and committees.

The School Board is responsible to the Senate. The board’s membership and powers are governed by Statute 3 and Statute 4 of the University Statutes.

Under the EVPP, Associate Provost (Teaching & Learning) has broad responsibility for overseeing the whole academic administration of the University’s educational programs and for ensuring continual improvement in the quality of teaching and learning at HKUST.

The Academic Registry is part of the Associate Provost's (Teaching and Learning) remit and comprises five functional teams under the leadership and management of the Academic Registrar. Among the functional teams, the Undergraduate Studies Administration (UGA) Team acts as the secretariat for the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies (CUS) and is responsible for a broad range of academic administration related to undergraduate studies, while the Academic Records and Registration (ARR) Team is responsible for implementing academic policies, procedures and systems in relation to student records, registration, examinations and graduation.

Academic Departments

The schools are composed of academic departments or divisions that offer degree programs.

Each academic department and division has a head, who reports to the dean of the school.

The Interdisciplinary Programs Office (IPO), led by a director, is responsible for dual degree programs, the BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence and the Curriculum Framework of BSc Program in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major. The IPO’s Division of Environment and Sustainability offers the BSc in Environmental Management and Technology.