Congregation & Awards for Achievement

Congregation is the formal occasion for the conferment of all degrees. Two sessions are held in each academic year, one in the spring (May or June) and one in the fall (November).

In the spring session all degrees are conferred in absentia. If you graduate in the spring, you will be invited to attend the November session.

Attendance at the November Congregation is not compulsory. Graduating students who do not attend will be conferred degrees in absentia.

If you attend Congregation, you must wear academic regalia that consists of a dark blue academic gown, hood and cap, with trim in your school color. Online rental service will be available.

Academic Achievement Medal

The Academic Achievement Medal is awarded to outstanding graduates in the year of graduation.

To be considered for the award, you must have no course failures during your study at HKUST and an overall cumulative grade average (CGA) of at least 3.9, which must include at least 60 credits obtained at HKUST.

Potential recipients are selected by the Academic Registry based on their overall CGA. The final list is approved by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies.

The medal is presented at Congregation and recorded on the recipient's transcript.